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The Power of a Vision The Story of Quelltaler

In 1889, German migrant Carl Sobels and his brother-in-law Hermann Buring purchased a winery in Watervale in the Clare Valley. As chief winemaker Carl had a vision to produce exceptional wines at which he was very successful.

This winery was called 'Quellthaler'. Originally it was called Spring Vale (Quell-Thal in the German) and was so called because of the many springs which welled in the calcareous soil of the area. Later for easier pronunciation the 'h' was dropped and 'Quelltaler ' became the firms name.

Our SA History Festival event ‘The Story of Quelltaler’ was very successful. We had around 40 visitors including many locals who had once worked there. They enjoyed catching up with each other and reminiscing.

Mal Paterson and Leo Faulkner reading some of the many documents on display.

Neil Grace who once worked at Quelltaler explains some of the winemaking machinery to David Spackman.

Wendy Spackman serving morning tea.

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